Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tri media rapport

One of the programs of the acting Chief-of-Police of Lingayen Police Superintendent Harris Reyes Fama is to maintain good rapport with the tri media.

Courtesy call to SB

Police Superintendent Harris Reyes Fama visits the Sangguniang Bayan Lingayen for a courtesy call.

Female and Juvenile lecture

Female and Juvenile lecture of Lingayen Police station in Barangay Estanza, Lingayen Pangasinan...

Illegal fishing accomplishment

Illegal fishing accomplishment of the Lingayen Police Station.

Anti-drug symposium

Anti-drug symposium of the Lingayen Police Station in Barangay Naguelguel, Lingayen Pangasinan. Participants are Barangay officials, parents, Sanguniang Kabataan members, students and out-of-school youth.

Anti-drug seminar

An anti-drug seminar was conducted by the Lingayen Police Station to students and teachers of National High School, Barangay Estanza, Lingayen, Pangasinan. The seminar was led by Police Superintendent Harris Reyes Fama, acting Chief of Police.

TNT recovered by Lingayen Police

At around 2pm, Mr. Jed Viray of Alvear Street, Barangay Maniboc came to the Police Station and reported that they found TNT explosives when they were digging a concrete fence in their lot. Immediately, Police Superintendent Harris Fama, acting Chief of Police sent PO1 Juner Delantar with 3 PNCOs to condon the area and to maintain a security perimeter and ensure the safety of the community members. An immediate request of assistance was relayed to Police Superintendent Noel Vallo, a trained explosives ordinance , to assist in the recovery of the explosives.

When Police Superintendent Fama and Vallo arrived in the scene, they assessed the situation and recovered the 3 pieces TNT weighing one pound each. A TNT is a high explosives normally used by the military. The explosives were wrapped with an aluminum foil and plastic.

An interview was conducted with the owner of the lot and with the neighbors regarding the ownership of the items, however, they could not identify who kept these explosives. The explosives were then transported to the office of the Explosives and Ordinance Division of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office Lingayen for storage.

Municipal Mayor Ernesto "Jonas" Castaneda and Police Senior Superintendent Percival Barba , the new Provincial Director of the province commended the management of the situation and the fast recovery of the explosives.